Ringer. noun - a person brought in to give a team an unfair competitive advantage.

Here’s the six second version of what we do:

Our mission is to give brands, teams, organisations and communities an unfair competitive advantage through creativity.

And if you’ve got a bit more time, this feedback from our very first client sums up why we exist and what we do:
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"Most large companies get trapped into the conventional ways of doing things. And their agencies line up in a conventional way. Because that’s how they got business in the past.

More and more we need to have unconventional, different approaches. More adventurous. More creative. More risk taking.

You’re small, you’re hungry, but you have an intimacy in your approach which is very difficult to find in both bigger agencies and agencies that come from different backgrounds.

You were able to get an empathy with us as a client that I haven’t seen in others. You managed to get into the heart and soul of Munster in a way that most Munster people have a difficulty doing themselves.

You encapsulated the essence of Munster in a way in which we ourselves have difficulty doing. And then you articulated it with a passion that most Munster people would be proud of. And on the day, most of my colleagues were emotionally moved by it. So that is something very special."

Niall Fitzgerald KBE.
Former Chairman of Unilever PLC, Reuters, Chairman of Munster Rugby Commercial Board
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We are currently working with Munster Rugby, The GAA, An Post, and DCC.

Say hello.

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Ringers Creative Ltd. 46 North Great Clarence Street, North Strand, Dublin 1, ireland. D01 K2Y1.