Ringers is a creative brand development agency dedicated exclusively to the world of sport.

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Our mission is to give brands, athletes and sporting organisations an unfair competitive advantage through creativity.

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Ringers is a network of proven creative talent, bound together by a firm belief in the power of creativity to solve problems, unlock potential and bring about unfair competitive advantage.

We offer an unconventional approach to finding solutions and ideas for brands, organisations and communities involved in sport. Because the days of solving the same old problems with the same old ways are long gone.


Creative Consultancy

In the business of sport, the difference between winning and losing is often marginal. So we take a creative approach to solving problems for individuals and organisations.

We identify exactly who or what you are competing against. We gain and share a deep knowledge of the field you’re playing in. And then we apply creativity to give you an unfair competitive advantage.

Creative Brand Development

Whether it’s a person or an organisation, we believe a brand is a brand. So at Ringers we build and develop creative brand platforms at the intersection of human and brand truths for sports brands and organisations.

We also create brands for individual athletes from the very core of the human being that is the athlete. Where the brand exudes the true values and purpose beyond the talent in their fists or their feet.

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We are a core team who build focused project squads around us. Selecting the right talent that matches our values and meets our standards for the job at hand. Allowing us to keep the talent high and the overheads low.

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BOBBY BYRNE     :     Ringer

I got hooked on creativity after watching a late-night documentary that followed the creative team working on a Guinness campaign for hurling. I stood up, pointed at the TV and shouted “I want to do that”. My dog looked at me. My mother banged on the ceiling. And I went to bed.

But the next morning I began following my dream. And even though I have spent my career in generalist agencies in London and Dublin, I always found my way onto sport campaigns.

I’ve spent fifteen years creating sports campaigns for O2, Heineken, AIB and Vodafone and working as a brand consultant for Rory McIlroy. I’ve loved every minute of it and want to spend the next fifteen years working at the juncture of creativity and sport.

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STEVEN MANGAN     :     Ringer

After a brief fling with the music industry, I entered the advertising world and worked on a huge number of Irish and international campaigns for the likes of BMW, Mini, xBox, Absolut, Heineken, McDonalds, Coca-Cola and White Claw.

17 years of award-winning, innovative platforms later, I found myself pitchside with the Irish national rugby team in Capetown. Ireland won. And instantly I knew I’d found my creative home.

I have worked with the likes of Vodafone Rugby, Heineken UCL, the FAI, and AIB GAA telling unique stories of sportsmen and women. From local to international level. Creating TV shows, episodic content and commercials along the way. I’m a lucky boy.

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