Helping teenage girls find something that moves them

We’re all made to move. We know instinctively that movement is good for us we feel better when we move.

But nobody likes being told they should move more.

Which meant when Sport Ireland asked us to create a platform to re-connect inactive girls with sport and activity, the pressure was on. Teenagers, girls especially, need what sport can give them – friends, self-esteem, and skills for coping with life. But when they first experience organised sports, all they see is pressure, awkwardness, and a big neon sign that says “SPORTY GIRLS ONLY”. That’s why they drop out at twice the rate of boys.

We needed to get through to them, reframe what sport meant to them and open the door for them to give something new a try.

What we didn’t need, was a didactic government PSA telling girls that jogging is good for their health. Because they already know that, and if you’ve ever met a teenager, you know they’re strong-minded and will run a mile (figuratively) from anything that feels like it’s patronising them.

So, along with Titan Experience and the girls themselves, we built a platform connecting teenage girls across the country with hundreds of local sports partnerships, NGBs and sports clubs, encouraging them to find their tribe, team, squad, crew, or go it alone and just find something that moves them. A place with no pressure, just options. Not just the usual suspects, but everything from BMX to ballet, to breakdancing (and some other activities that don’t begin with B).

We launched the platform with a film and a big event on the Sport Ireland campus. The girls shot huge parts of the video themselves. Not because we’re lazy, but because TikTok has turned teenage girls into incredible cinematographers.

And it turns out that was all they needed. A platform that listened to them, gave them some options, and let them make up their own minds.

We can’t say we’ve solved all of the problems that come with being a teenage girl, but we like to think we gave some of them the tools to solve them for themselves.